March 2022
by Lilly Ortiz

My favorite part of the trip was the overall opportunity that we had to go as a family and enjoy my mom, Lourdes, while she can still walk some. Her mobility is fast becoming limited. 

The first day we were able to get her on the beach was definitely the most memorable. It was late in the afternoon, after we had her chair delivered, and we wasted no time. When we finally got there, we started to walk down the shore line. Mom and my brother strolled down side-by-side ahead of us and I snapped a picture from behind. I don’t know what they were talking about but I’m sure it was special. Shortly afterwards, we all caught up and briefly stopped, all at once, and looked out at the sun setting before us. 

Sometimes it’s hard to find properties that will have items to help accommodate handicap or people with disabilities. We managed to overcome it by going to the nearest Goodwill and buying a used bath chair and buying non-slip bath rugs for my mom’s bathroom. Aside from that, it was good.

I think this trip meant more to mom than it did to me or the rest of us. It was a time to have all her kids, grandkids, and family with her while she still has some mobility left in her. We were able to doll her up for family pics and make her feel good about herself. We helped her sit on a stool and then sit on the sand to take pictures. She looked absolutely beautiful, but most of all, happy. She knows there may come a time soon where this kind of trip won’t be possible.  She has said many times that she is so grateful to God and people like Team Gleason Foundation to make something like this happen.