Saints vs. Falcons

Monday, April 6th
ESPN and WWL Radio at 8PM ET

“Return to the Dome”  

Thank you for following along with us on Monday night as our community relived the Saints vs. Falcons game and helped raise over $50,000! 

We have winners!!  Noel Haro is the winner of the the Steve Gleason Jersey & Kevin Cropus is the winner of the Tom Dempsey jersey donated by Thomas Morstead! 

We are all feeling the pain of the loss of our independence and way of life with this quarantine. But, none more so than people living with ALS. With the loss of the ability to move, eat and breath, people with ALS have been living their bodily quarantine since being diagnosed. Because ALS does not take a break for a pandemic, neither will Team Gleason. Requests for our services are continuing to rise, and we are committed to helping all who need it.  All the funds raised on Monday night will provide direct relief for those living with ALS – communication, mobility, home needs, care services, and so much more. Thank you!! 


It was great to follow along with Steve and others during the game! #Rebirth2020