October 2022
by Joy F.


A couple of weeks ago, Caleb reminded us he needed 2 service hours for school each quarter. With the first quarter coming to an end, he asked our neighbors how he could help them.

 If you’ve ever met Stephanie and Jay, you’d want to go hang out with them too! Rather than just cut the grass a few times, we thought we could have a lemonade stand and give all proceeds to Team Gleason who could help those with ALS. 

We will always remember this day! Caleb, his siblings and good friend sold lemonade and desserts with one goal in mind, to raise at least $200. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and everyone who donated via the QR code we posted.

Greg and his wife, son, and daughter posing in front of a baseball field

Caleb raised a total of $1,463 and proudly delivered it to the staff at Team Gleason this week. They will use this money to help an ALS fighter get their voice back through voice and message banking. We are SO grateful for this community for helping him far exceed his goal! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

Caleb and his family visited the Team Gleason office where they presented the check, met the Team Gleason staff, and toured the Assistive Technology Lab. Caleb even had the opportunity to test out and learn about a Speech Generating Device equipped with Eye Gaze! Team Gleason would like to thank Caleb, his family, and the Quinlan family for being an amazing part of our community!