February 2022
by Renier and Suzanne de Beer

I’m deeply grateful to Team Gleason for creating the opportunity for me to watch my daughters ski at Jay Peak in Vermont.

The hotel room gave me the full 360 view of the mountain. Throughout the day, the room was basked in beautiful sunlight. I could watch the skiers gently weave their way down the slopes and see our girls ski in. It allowed me to imagine again when we all skied together. Each day, they came in and gave me a step by step breakdown on what runs they did. Each day being a little more adventurous and trying the more difficult runs. I heard about the falls and the great waffle cabin.

I could also see the Godzilla travel up and down from time to time and see it sway in the crosswinds. I can only imagine what the skiers must’ve felt rocking from side to side. 

I was also humbled by the local hospice who provided a hospital bed with wheels so I could be wheeled to the window.

I had an eye-opening experience on the final night as the hotel had to be evacuated. There was no way out for someone in my position. After being moved from my bed with the hoyer lift into my chair, the only place we could go was to the elevator which was locked automatically by the fire alarm. So we had to wait for the emergency services to come and collect us. A young valet of the hotel staff bravely waited with us and offered repeatedly to carry me down the five flights of stairs. Eventually, the Fire Department arrived, unlocked the elevator, and took me to the lobby. It was a sobering moment. Made me realize how dependent you are on the people around you and how blessed you are.

I carry the image of the Peak every time I look out my window. The image of the snow blizzard before me, of those struggling to walk through it. It is a beautiful moment I will cherish. To be able to spend the vacation time with Caitlin and Kiera was incredible. 

I’m grateful for Team Gleason providing the platform for us to make a dream come true. God bless you for all that you do, and continue doing for our community.

No White Flags!

“Though it was hard for Ren to see other dads out there with their children it brought much joy to see them having fun and being independent on the mountain. This trip gave us a bank full of memories and stories to speak about now and in the future. Being able to actually share the experience with them, is really what counts.” Read a sweet message from Renier’s wife, Suzanne, about their recent trip