Autonomous Wheelchair

Wheelchair users with limited ability to navigate through their living space
would benefit from a system that would navigate their chair to prescribed locations for them.


  • System will possess the capability of mapping Wheelchair users living area. System shall have the ability to define areas of this map as “no go” zones such as stairs or steps. System shall have the ability to manually adjust/add to the map. 

  • The footprint of the chair will need to be customizable by the end user. 

  • System shall present the user with the ability to choose a location/waypoint. System will use this information and navigate the Wheelchair autonomously to that location. Connection between This system and chair control will be through Ability Drive or similar. 

  • Safety system will include the following: 

    • Chair needs to be in “travel” position to operate.

    • Operator will have eyegaze button or mechanical trigger such that chair will not navigate unless it’s activated.

    • Easy to access physical button for attendant to actuate that will stop navigation.

    • Mapping function will allow sections of the map to be marked with digital walls to protect against stairs, steps, etc.

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